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Fin Makes X Games!!

14 Mar

Back in January Quiksilver launched Radar: 

Star detector, talent spotter, dream creator, the Quiksilver & Roxy Radar is finally coming! Quiksilver launches the new edition of  an unpublished  event: finding the kid and the girl who will work in the steps of Mathieu Crepel or Torah Bright, both members of the Quiksilver and Roxy’s team. Quiksilver & Roxy Radar, an european event is opened for all kids and girls aged between 8 and 14 years old, will enable to the best skier and best snowboarder to sign for one year to be part of the wonderful team, win a summer camp’s week and many other goodies. Don’t let anyone take your place in history, and so join fast !

Roll round March and our very own Fin Bremner is one of the finalists for the search for the next snowboarding superstars, and they’ll be heading to the Winter X Games to compete in the Radar Final on Friday at 3pm.

AMAZING!!! – well done Fin, we are super stoked for you, big congrats also to Monty Right the UK skier who made it through.

Fin is Currently in Tignes getting some all important snow time ahead of the Final on Friday. You can send him all your high fives via facebook and we’ll hopefully get a run down of the event from Fin on his return.  Big thanks to all of our members / readers who voted for Fin and helped him along on his amazing journey..

You can watch the video that got him to the Final here.

Here’s a full list of  the lucky finalists:

– Marie Chevalley, Switzerland, Ski Woman
– Amanda Gustavsson, Sweden, Ski Woman
– Thalie Larochaix, France, Snow Woman
– Hanne Eilertsen, Norway, Snow Woman
– Mathias Eckhoff, Norway, Snow
– Sacha Moretti, France, Snow Man
– Bing Voorham, Andorra, Snow Man
– Merlin Surget, France, Snow Man
– Jaime Castro Pelegrina, Spain, Snow Man
Fin Bremner, UK, Snow Man
– Tom Damiani, France, Ski Man
– Jens Johnsen, Norway, Ski Man
Monty Right, UK, Ski Man
– Nik Podrebsek, Slovenia, Ski Man
– Axel Chemarin, France, Ski Man
– Niccolo Cominelli, Italy, Ski Man
– Pavol Kuric, Slovakia, Ski Man
– Jesper Tragardh, Sweden, Ski Man

Congratulations to everyone above! And the UK selections; Fin and Monty!

But also, well done to all the kids who made it to the Happy Riding Days around Europe.  It was great to see lots of grom talent on the scene!!


Voting now Live

5 Mar

Voting is now live for the Quiksilver Radar competition, you can watch Fins video and vote by following this link.

Fin wrote us a little piece about his day so here we are:

Fins Quiksilver Radar Tale

Nicol handed me a Quiksilver Radar flyer on a Wednesday night and told me to enter and see how it goes. …. So I submitted a few photos and a very short video clip to  the Quiksilver email on the flyer.


A few weeks later I had an email asking me where I would be able to attend a happy riding day- I was through to the next round!!  All the happy riding days were in France, Italy or Spain but Quiksilver  then added a happy riding day to be held in the UK it was only a week away – I was stoked! It meant a long journey in the car down to Tamworth but I knew it would be worth it.  I had made it down to the final 9  in the UK it was a mix of boarders and skiers. The finalists list was released and I had met most of the riders who had made the cut, I knew the standard would be high.


After a tiring trip that lasted 9 hours we arrived in the early hours of Saturday morning.  The hotel was in spitting distance of the dome!


The jam session didn’t start until 10pm on Saturday, and it was torture waiting but watching the set up and having dinner with the other 8 finalists Josh Knox, Tom Knox (they were filming our edits) Hannah from Quiksilver and Christian  Stevenson (who was the MC at Freeze this year)  I knew it was going to be a rad night!


We all shredded hard until 1am getting our best tricks filmed for our edits.  I managed to bag myself a few prizes along the way. One of them for landing 3 front flips off the Tamworth kicker. I came home from Tamworth with no regrets and had a great experience.


These uploads will be judged by the public and pros, with the winner gaining an invite to the X Games European grand final in Tignes next month.

So please vote for me  at


Click on radar and  vote for my edit to  help me get to the finals in Tignes- the week of the X games!




Scottish Snow-X Championships This Weekend!!!

2 Mar

The event of the Season – This weekends’ Snow – X championships is shaping up to be a bumper event and it’s not too late to get involved.  This year the event will be held at Glenshee and runs on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th.  An Aberdeen Snowsports Club organised and Snowsports Scotland endorsed event there are medals and trophies to be bagged, plus great prizes from Zaini Hats and  Salomon including a pair of skis and a snowboard to the highest ranked skier and boarder who races with Salomon kit!

Pre-registration is available and you’ll get £5 off your lift ticket for your efforts.  You can find more information on the facebook events page here, or the Aberdeen Snowsports Club website where you can also pre-register.

You’ll find loads of reports on last years event on these pages and I’m sure it’ll wet you’re appetitie to get involved.  The forecast is bang on with sunshine and no wind – remember your suncream and have an awesome time…

Sno!Zone Indoor Champs Press Release

28 Feb

Here’s the official review of the Scottish Indoor Champs, enjoy.

19 February 2011

Scottish Freestyle Indoor Championships

Results and competition report

The final leg of the Snowsport Scotland organised Lowlander events took place on Saturday with the SNO!zone Scottish Indoor Championships. And it went off. Events manager Marty Lisle has persuaded the management that it would be great if the Nike 6.0 stairset was to make an appearance for the comp and for a few weeks afterwards. Needless to say this was eagerly anticipated by all the Scottish riders and did not fail to disappoint. With guaranteed snow and good weather conditions it was a media feeding frenzy. There was a film crew from Blue Peter following around Tomski Robinson along with 3 photographers and 2 other filmers – including our own.


The course allowed for a variety of skills levels and all features were utilised in the sliding, bonking and tapping jibfest which lasted for the afternoon. As usual it was a 3 run, best run counts format after a suitable amount of practice time. The staples of the Scottish competition circuit were out in force along with a few new faces who were getting involved. The Indoor Champs links the preseason dryslope events and the winter snow events and with a fair amount of snow early in Scotland then there had been a great deal of outdoor jibbery pokery taking place prior to the comp. Now saying that SNO!zone Scotland has a pretty dedicated and talented group of riders could be a bit of an understatement… There are too many guys on skis or snowboards to mention and it was also great to see a bigger field from the ladies too.


Danny McCormick set the standard early with a hardway Cab 270 to FS nose, the same trick which won the Nike 6.0 Stairset Battle in Munich only the week before. Jamie Trinder was front flipping on and off boxes, regular & switch and showing why he is on the Bataleon European Team. The kids were not about to be outdone easily, with Brandon Bow showing style way beyond his years to win and  Emmet Strachan putting in solid consistent runs to take silver. The youth and women’s snowboard categories were also putting on an outstanding performance with both being closely fought battles for the podium. Matt McCormick, Sam McGrath & Matt Corry battled it out with all manner of slides but in the end Matt McCormick did it again. With a much wider women’s field it was great to see the competition stepping up. Aberdeen rider Lara Wood was putting down smooth runs all day to take bronze but in the end it was SNO!zone locals Emilia Vanni taking gold and Helen Fox getting the silver.


The skiers were also going off too and not just the open category but runs in all the age groups were placing in the overall top 5 results. Chris Wadsworth and his rail monkey skills were on form with 270’s on to the down bar and switch ups on the boxes. Dark horse Harris Booth came out of left field in a well orchestrated attack and destroyed all parts of the course with smooth & multiple switch ups on the majority of features. His week in Tignes with Next X really paying off. As usual Chris McCormick & Cal Sandieson was slaying the park with their customary style and technical runs. Cory McVicar was attacking the stairset and the rest of her run was smooth on all the features.


A big thanks have to go out to a number of different people for their involvement. Marty & Penny at SNO!zone for sponsoring the series & putting together the park for the event, Si Welsh at Bamboo Rider for providing the prizes, Donnie at Synergy Snowsports for the holiday, the judges Mal Judd, Chris Asquith, Colin Andrews & Rennie Husband and Mitch the MC for his flow of banter throughout the afternoon. Thanks also to all the competitors for entering and to Armada Skis, Freeze Pro Shop & Boax Headwear for sponsoring the series.


The next event is the Highlander at Nevis Range on the 12 March with the Scottish Freestyle Champs heading to Cairngorm on the 2 April to finish off the winter. Hope to see you all there.


For further information, please contact:

Snowsport Scotland, 0131 625 4405 email:


Amazing coaching opportunity at Glenshee

1 Feb

Wow, this sounds like a great like a great opportunity for some top class coaching right on your doorstep.  Get on this camp if you can.  Here’s the blurb..

With the Scottish Snow-X Championships on the horizon … Snowsport Scotland are running a “Race Preparation Camp” specifically designed for new and potential Snow-X racers.

We have teamed up with some of Scotland’s top Skier-X and Boarder-X coaches to produce a targeted day of Snow-X coaching.

Mark Bishop (Head Coach MOD Boarder-X Coach Team’s & BASI Trainer) and Ian Findlay (Head Coach British Skier-X Team) will be leading the camp. With Mark and Ian’s wealth of knowledge and experience no camp member will leave without growing their confidence and Snow-X skills.

The camp is aimed at those who are on snow regulary and want to try compitition or who have had some competative background and want to explore Snow-X.

Coaching Focus:

Coarse Inspection
4-way Starts
Terrain Tactics
The Racing Line
Competition Psychology
Race Day Tips

This camp will run from 09.30 – 15.30 and camp members will meet at the club hut on “The Sunny Side“ at 09.00 where gear storage and refreshments are provided.

The camp costs £45 and all camp members will need a ski pass but are eligible for a 20% discount on a day pass after registering for the camp.

Sign up now by using the link below. Please make sure to state if you are a skier or boarder on the form:

… it’s 1st come 1st serve so don’t delay there’s only 12 spaces available for each sport.

Retro Slalom at Cairngorm

1 Feb

Let's get retro

A fun event event open to skiers and snowboarders of all ages.

It’s time to rummage through your closet or in the loft and find that old ski suit your mum, dad or grand parents used to wear and track down where that old set of skis went or snowboard.  The older and more rad the gear the more time will be deducted from your runs.

Register on the day at the top of the course from 12.00. (look for the guys dressed in one piece suits!) Get 2 timed runs which will be tabulated and results will be available at 4pm in the Tbar cafe.

Prizes for the best time in each Catergory!

See you there and bring a mate who has camera.


Scottish Freestyle Series – Round 3 Review and Photos

1 Feb

Saturday the 15th of January saw the 3rd leg of the SNO!zone Scottish Freestyle Series visit the West of Scotland Snowsports Centre.  For this Scottish Artificial Championships event, organisers Snowsport Scotland made the most of the epic kicker and quarter pipe set up at Bearsden.

Glasgow’s weather did not disappoint (the riders anyway) as it lashed down rain all day.  The mat was running fast and the wind even faster – so the 40 athletes taking part really had to prepare for take-off!  Some riders had practiced and had a clear plan of what they were going to throw down – others like Emilia Vanni just rocked up having never hit the jump and started busting it out.  There was a strong contingent of Bearsden locals there defending their patch from Team Aberdeen, Bellahouston and other facilities throughout Scotland.  Props to our English friends the Robinson’s who also made the long journey up to take part.

The two local MC’s – Mitch and Lewis kept the crowd entertained with their witty banter and tune selection.  They were even busting out some of their own moves in an effort to shake off the Glasgow rain.

The organisers got the comp started following the usual 3 run, best run counts format.   Hector Barbour impressed everyone by consistently nailing rodeo 9’s to take top spot in the open skiing category.  Another local boy who has been dominating the series was Danny McCormick – he pipped Marc McClement to take top spot again this time.  It was a good day out for the Bremner duo, who as part of Team Aberdeen secured a first and second place – with Sam Gardner denying little Keilen a first place like his big bro.   The McCormick trio just about got a clean sweep but Alex Cameron pipped Chris to first place with a 1080.  Shout out to the younger riders (you know who you are) for whom it was their first ever comp – good skills guys we were all really impressed.  The comp finished with Mitch and Lewis throwing out some spot prizes for biggest straight air and some of the riders went HUGE.  There was also a sporty display from the Bearsden train team hitting the jump in quick succession. For the full results check out the link,

One thing for sure is that the next round of the SNO!zone Scottish Freestyle Series will be a lot drier, as its the Scottish Indoor Championships at SNO!zone Scotland.  We are all really excited about this and looking forward to seeing the set up the park crew cook up for it. This should tee things up nicely for the Highlander events in March & April – with all the Scottish resorts having relatively good cover for January.    Big thanks to all our sponsors, SNO!zone Scotland, Armada Skis, Freeze Pro Shop, Synergy Snowsports & Boax Headwear and to West of Scotland Snowsports Centre for hosting the comp – we will see you on Saturday 19th of February for the next round.

All Photos : Derrick J Photography