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ASC Freestyle Camp

16 Feb

So the start of this week kicked off the first freestyle camp on snow run by Aberdeen Snowsports Club. Many events have been run on snow but not a freestyle camp in this proportion. Neil Cameron came to me a while back now and told me what he wanted to do. I thought this was a fantastic opportunity for the kids and tried my hardest to promote(big it up) to the kids that it would be a benefit to. A lot of the Wednesday Rippers have amazing skills on the drymat but now it was time to take it to snow. Now not only did we have interest from the Aberdeen lot but some of the guys I coach with GPS were keen. In the end we had about 20 kids, skiers and boarders. Great turn out for the first camp run. So 20 Kids, with me(Andy Begg) and Chris Mahony as the coaches. Oh yes! now its time to show these kids how to shred.
So Day 1, left a little later but organising all those kids is a mission. Up to Glenshee, met some guys up there. Time to shred. Went up to the park to check it out. Boarders disappeared??!?! think they went up sunnyside(was ment to be good?!) So anyway, us skiers checked out the park. Twas good, soft snow, good features and low winds, and off and on sun. Went through the park hiking features, getting used to the features on snow and going over safety. Biggest safety point was “Watch out for punters, theres wads of them”. Finish a good days riding, getting used to snow for most. Time to go home. oops we were late, to many pee stops lol.
Day 2, well lets just say it was a wee bit breezy………. 4 runs which took the whole morning(lifts kept breaking) but the glenshee staff were on top of it as best as poss. Went home and some had a slide at the drymat with me and Chris.
Day 3, we had organised the day before to sort out an alternate and I’m glad we did cause the weather was apparently poor(super windy). So we hooked the kids up with and airbag sesh, pizza and a photo shoot. There was coaching on the airbag and on the kicker/tabletop, boxes were out and there’s the quarterpipe also. You could see, even with only a day and a half on snow, most of the kids were stepping it up. Backflips, frontflips, rodeos, corked spins were all getting thrown. My favourite was the 2 youngest rippers age 7 girls, Kirsty and Ramone, hitting the kicker for the first time and landing it.
It was a shame we couldn’t get on snow for the last day but I think the kids really enjoyed their last day. Pictures will be coming from the camp, some from the mountain and from the photo shoot at the dryslope.

I think the camp was a huge success even with the rubbish weather but hey that’s Scottish skiing ūüėÄ I think it’ll be bigger and better next year and i hope to be a part of it again.

Andy Begg
Freestyle Ski Coach


Westbeach Freestyle Comp 2011

19 Oct

Read the official Westbeach write up here

Saturday 8th October saw the Westbeach Snowflex Freestyle Series 2011 roll into the relatively new Aberdeen Snow sports Centre, and with near perfect conditions for a snowflex competition, it was sure to be another un-missable event on the UK freestyle calendar. Despite being one of the newer snowflex dry slopes in the UK, the level of riding coming out of the almost perfectly sculpted slope is mind blowing.  When you have a combination of good management, typically wet Scottish weather and a gang of dedicated skiers and snowboarders, the result is only going to be some of the best kicker riders in the UK.

Skullcandy’s DJ¬†Aberdeen¬†2011 – Photo courtesy of Rus Shea

With registration quickly over and done with, it was time for the Jam Session Qualifier to start and it wasn’t long until the slightly damp spectators were being treated to back rodeo 5’s, huge front 7’s and equally stylish 9’s. Again, living proof that a jam session format reduces the pressure and allows the riders to throw down their biggest tricks. As the 45 minutes came to an end it was a tightly contested competition with any one of the riders good enough to make it into the top 6 Under 16’s, and the top 8 men in snowboarding.  But it was the style, technicality and amplitude that eventually separated the field.  The standard of women snowboarders was also a positive sign for the British scene with Vaila Chapman, local Lara Wood, Bradford University student Anna Beswick and Salomon rider Sophie Addison all making it through to the jam session final.

With only 8 places up for grabs in the first of the two finals for the Under 16’s ski, it was a battle from beginning to end but it all came down to who went the biggest, who was the most stylish and who landed the more technical tricks. After a difficult decision for the judges it was Chris McCormick, Angus Jacob, Fraser McIssac, Cal Sandieson, Tyler J Harding, Harris Booth, Finlay Jacobs and Cameron Wood who made up the final 8.

Chris McCormick Aberdeen 2011 – Photo courtesy of Russ Shea

Even with the closest indoor dome being over 100 miles away, a wide range of rails and boxes means the locals are not rail deprive. Not to neglect the snowboarders who prefer rails it was time for the Stepchild sponsored rail jam. During the ‚ÄėChild Support‚Äô rail jam the riders had a choice of a down bar or a box, and had 30 minutes to throw down.

Neil Cruikshank Aberdeen 2011 – Photo courtesy of Russ Shea

The usual array of rail trickery was witnessed including front boardslide pretzel out, 270 on 270 out, there was some truly sick riding but it was Ben Parker a local unsponsored shredder who took away the Stepchild Jibstick.

Following the Rail Jam it was time to focus on a 30minute jam session on the perfectly sculpted quarter pipe, with a stack of prizes going to the skier who got the highest air. With the rain coming down hard, speed wasn’t an issue and after each hit, a new record had been set, but it was Lewis Wilson who took the honours as he boosted straight up and out of the Snowflex quarter pipe.  After a short break it was time for the qualifying skiers to step it up once again and claim their spot in the super final, with only 3 spots available for each age category it was going to be another close call.

With the slope running super fast and everyone used to the wide run in and long landing; there were no warm up runs in this jam session.   In the Under 16’s anything less than a switch 7 wasn’t going to cut the mustard. It was looking promising for Chris McCormick as he stomped a 1080, only for Tyler J Harding to step it up with a switch 10. The jam session was definitely heating up. In the men’s category there were more 10s, switch 7s and a handful of crowd pleasing backflips, but it was Cory McVicar in the women’s category that really impressed as she nailed a huge 9.

Tyler J Harding Aberdeen 2011 РPhoto courtsy of Russ Shea

Next up it was the snowboarders, in the Under16’s it was the same final as last year with Matt Corey, Fin Bremner and Matt McCormick all making it through to the final 3. The men’s category proved to be a hard decision for the judges with everything from cab underflip 7’s to switch backside rodeo 5’s being stomped but it was Westbeach rider Jesse Smith, Grenade rider Danny McCormick and surprisingly unsponsored Matt Gibson making it through to the super final.

Matt Gibson Aberdeen 2011 – Photo courtesy of Russ Shea

For the skiers it was Head’s Chris McCormick, SnoZone’s Cal Sandieson and Salomons Tyler J Harding deservedly making it through for the Under16, with Sam Harrison, David Bilsland and Grant Donald taking their place in the men’s final.

With only two runs each in the super final the pressure is on to land the best trick. The rider‚Äôs have the decision as to whether they go down the safety run route or all out ‚Äėim taking home a stack of prizes‚Äô route.¬† For the Under 16‚Äôs it was the stack of prizes which made their decision, as each of the snowboard groms threw down 7‚Äôs but with only Matt McCormick landing his, he had the upper hand. In their second run he once again landed bolts, this time a backside 9, with Matt Corey landing a front 5 and Fin Bremner just sneaking out a cab 7.

The skiers made their way to the top of the steep run for their super final with the Under 16’s category continuing to raise the standard with Cal and Chris throwing identical tricks but it was Tyler who once again stepped it up and nailed a switch 9 when it mattered.  In the men’s final it was another close call with Sam landing a super stylish 7, David upping his game by landing a 9 and Grant Donald taking the top spot with a crowd pleasing 540 screaming seaman followed by a huge 7.

Grant Donald Aberdeen 2011 – Photo courtesy of Russ Shea

In the Mens snowboard category it was another case of winner takes all, with Matt Gibson and Jesse Smith landing almost identical tricks and Danny McCormick cleanly landing a back 9 nose grab. With the pressure piling on Matt and Jesse they both fell on their second runs, resulting in the judges asking them to return to the top to battle it out for 2nd and 3rd place. With Matt Gibson taking a slam in his run, it was down to Jesse Smith to land on his feet and take 2nd place.

Danny McCormick Aberdeen 2011 – Photo courtesy of Russ Shea

As the second leg of the Westbeach Snowflex Series 2011 came to an exciting end, it was time for the winners to be announced and for the van load of prizes to be dished out. Big shout out to all the riders, spectators and sponsors, and we‚Äôll see you all again at ‘OWN IT’ on Saturday 22nd October. Be there or be…………… well………….. somewhere less awesome!!

Check out the video footage of the day’s actionSnowboardSki

Carpet Burn Cup – Round Five – Big Air!! Results and Review

6 Jun

Round five of the Carpet Burn Cup, Big Air took place on Wednesday 18th May and again we had clear skies, ¬†great Aberdeen sunshine and an even better turn out. Loads of people showed up ready to show off their well practiced¬†(and some not so well practiced) tricks. The evening was lining up to be a belter ….. Let the games begin.

Competitors lining up for their shot at the Big Air title

With our resident MC, Nicol Paton unable to fulfill his duty it was time for new kid on the block Kris Bell to step up and try his skills on the mic before he took to the slopes to throw down for the Big Air snowboarders title later on. There was a good crowd of people and Kris did a great job of keeping the atmosphere lively.  

Right competitors...... impress us

"OK Guys............How do I turn this thing on?"











The crowd were not disappointed and were treated to some aerial acrobatics with all skiers and boarders pulling out the stops and going BIG and technical to impress the judges.

Before we get to the results of the competition I would just like to make special mention of Abby Miller and Andrew Budge  who were awarded a free open session each as their prize for being recognised as the most improved skier and snowboarder on the night.

 Well done guys РKeep up the good work!!

Abby Miller - Most improved girl of the night

Andrew Budge - most improved boy of the night











 First up the Snowboarders;

In the under 10’s it was all pretty close with Andrew Budge taking 1st, Fraser Jack taking second and Duncan Trilk¬†grabbing 3rd spot. All three guys threw down big straight airs and it was only the style that seperated them on points.

Andrew Budge, with his eyes on the prize

Andrew, Fraser and Duncan









In the 11 – 15’s Nathan Sim¬†stepped it up Big and pulled a 720 outta the bag to beat Emmet Strachan and Ally Rodgers to 1st place, with Emmet taking 2nd place and Ally pinching 3rd spot.

Nathan on his way to a Gold Snowflex medal

Emmet Strachan's 360 for 2nd place

Ally Rodgers

In the ladies over 16’s it was all a closely fought battle between Sophie Addison, Laura Montecristi¬†and Lara Wood. With all the girls pulling off a mixture of straight airs and straight air grabs on the first run and scoring almost identically it was all to play for in the second round.¬†It was¬†Laura Montecristi that showed off a solid Front Side 180 with grab to take first place with Sophie Addison taking second place and Lara Wood completing the line-up in 3rd place.

In the guys¬†over 16’s – 9 guys battled it out for the top prize which resulted in some big tricks and some big scores. It was only 0.1 mark that seperated¬†Matt Gibson and Kris Bell after their first run and the others were not far behind. All to play for in the second round. Unfortunately for Kris Bell and the others, Matt Gibson came up with a Huge Switch 720 scoring an equally huge 8.1 from the judges and taking the top spot with ease. Kris Bell secured 2nd place with his first run underflip¬†720. Mark Watson took 3rd spot with a heelside¬†rodeo, Andy Duthie took 4th spot with a switch 540 and Neil Cruickshank finished in 5th place with a good solid backside 540 with a grab.

Matt Gibson took 1st place over Kris Bell and Mark Watson

Kris Bell relaxing his way to 2nd place







Mark Watson - Enjoying the view and taking 3rd place


  And now onto the Skiing!!!

In the under 10’s it was Finlay Jacobs that took first place for the third time this Carpet Burn Series holding off the competition with a sweet 360 grab off the kicker. Rory Cameron held off Keilan¬†Bremner with a solid 180 off the table, while Keilan’s straight air off the kicker saw him take 3rd place.

Fin, Rory and Keilan on the podium

In the female 11 – 15’s it was 4 girls who shared the top 3 spots, showing just how closely they were all matched. Abby Miller came out on top though with a big Spread Eagle, just beating Erin Sharp who also took on the spread eagle trick. But there was no seperating¬†Alice Brown and Catherine Jackson that took equal 3rd place as the judges could not seperate the quality of their straight airs.

Erin Sharp over the table top

Alice's big Spread Eagle of the Table Top for joint 3rd

In the male 11 – 15’s Angus Jacobs took 3rd place with a 360 grab off the kicker, Cameron Wood took 2nd place with a gutsy front flip off the kicker and Grant Donald securing 1st place with a Rodeo 720. It is now only 2 points that seperate Grant and Angus at the top of the leaderboard and so it is still definitely all to play for. No pressure guys.

The boys done good

Angus's 360 grabbing him 3rd spot

Grant flying towards 1st place

In the female over 16’s it was just Katie Boyd and Eloise Croy¬†taking part and so it was a battle to see who would snag that 1st spot and who would have to settle for 2nd. Both of the girls decided to go with straight airs for their first jumps and scored fairly evenly with Katie just ahead. On the second run Katie went with a 360 to try and¬†push for that 1st spot and Eloise rocked up with a second straight air. After the dust of battle had cleared it was Katie who had pipped Eloise to 1st place with her first straight air. Katie looks pretty safe at the top of the leaderboard, but you never know. Has anyone seen Beth Woodall? She used to compete didnt she?

In the male over 16’s the competition is definitely hotting¬†up with a good few guys still in contention for the overall Carpet Burn Cup title. It was Adam Hunter who led the pack after the first run with a solid 540. Adam kept 1st place with his first run 540 but it was Finlay Langan who stormed up the placings into 2nd with a well executed backflip on his second run. Lewis Wilson took 3rd place with his 360 nose grab from the first run, Alex Isidoris¬†took 4th with his Big 360 with mute grab on his first run. Andy Begg took 5th place with 540’s in his 1st and 2nd runs.

Two more rounds to go everyone and lost of points up for grabs and so make sure you are here for the skier/boarder X on Wednesday 8th June, AIR BAG practice session on Friday 24th June and then the AIR BAG Finale on Wednesday 29th June.

We wanna see all of you here, so make sure you get those dates in your diaries.

Also – REMEMBER – Every competitor that has 45 points or more will get into the AIRG BAG Final free of charge.

Thanks again to our sponsor Cotswold Outdoor, you can find them in Union Square and if you flash your membership card they’ll give you 10% off.

Scottish Freestyle Series @ Cairngorm

19 Apr

¬†Sorry for the delay in posting this one but here’s the official write up of the days happenings up Cairngorm for the Final Round of the Scottish Freestyle Series and big up to Team Aberdeen for their efforts.

The SNO!zone Scottish Freestyle Championships was originally scheduled for Saturday 2 April at Cairngorm, however with the weather looking less than perfect it was decided to postpone it until the following day. Sunday rolled around and blue skies greeted everyone as they arrived at the base, along with slightly faster than advertised wind speed.

Rory Cameron feeling the effects of the windAt least the judges got to sit in the cat


The park had taken a bit of a beating during the week but the staff at Cairngorm had been busting a gut on Saturday to get it ready for the comp and they did not disappoint. Two rail lines with a selection of features for the different levels of riders, a multi hit kicker with hip on the side & another kicker to finish. All were in great condition and ready for the onslaught of groms to seasoned pros which was about to be unleashed. The wind didn’t seem to hamper the enthusiasm of all the skiers & boarders entered as there were valuable points for the British National Rankings up for grabs but it did mean a few of the lighter riders had to get their tactics right so they could stay on the rails.


Rowan Cameron getting 3rd in the kids

With the jam practice session underway it was evident pretty quickly that the style wagon was in town and some of the older riders were going to get a lesson from the kids. Brandon Bow was on fire all day and was caught nose pressing the shotgun rail like his life depended on it and it paid off in the end, taking home the gold. The youth category was a hard fought battle with all the usual suspects present. Angus Trinder, Matt Corry, Sam McGrath & Matt McCormick were all in the running for the podium and win but in the end it was the smoothness of Matt McCormick that took the title. However if youth was a battle it was war in the open category. Veterans of the series, Jamie Trinder and Danny McCormick had to work harder than ever with Jordan Gee, Angus Malloch and Adam Gairns showing face but in the end the cat like tendency & technical riding of Danny McCormick who went away with the win. The ladies competition saw Orla Doolin come out of left field and take the gold. No surprise if you have seen her charging the rail park in SNO!zone. Super smooth and consistent is always a good base to work from in a comp.

Orla Doolin on for the win

Natalie Riley taking third


With a few less skiers than usual there was even more opportunity for the younger riders to score some good points for the overall rankings. The lone female of Anna Vincenti showed the benefit of skiing with the boys all winter and kept it simple to win. Cal Sandieson and Chris McCormick continued the battle for dominance and after 2 weeks in Laax both were hungry for the points for the overall standings. Chris’s technical rail wizardry & consistent kicker performance meant he not only took the win in his age group but also the highest scores of the day. Not bad for a 12 yr old. With no entries in the Open ski category it was down to the youth’s to make step up and throw down the runs to win the skis and the bragging rights. It was North v South with Aberdeen’s Grant Donald and Edinburgh’s Harris Booth slugging it out to the death with Grant narrowly edging out Harris by 0.1 points to win.

Grant Donald on his way to a new pair of Armada skis


Fin Jacobs

For anyone paying attention then you will have noticed that it was another McCormick whitewash. All 3 took gold again and put Chris at the top of the UK skiers ranking and Danny & Matt 2nd & 3rd respectively in the snowboard rankings. Well done to them all but you have to wonder if they are all just really good or robots sent back in time….

Chris McCormick on his way to the win


DJ Brett kept the tunes going all day

This event wrapped up the series and the points being tallied for probably the last time for the British National Rankings before moving to the 2011/12 season in a few months. Without a doubt the comps will be back again next year and if any companies out there need an outlet to stave off some tax liability then there are always sponsorship opportunities available. Thanks must go to all the current sponsors without whom this would have not been able, SNO!zone Scotland, Armada Skis, Freeze Pro Shop, Synergy Snowsports, Bamboo Rider, Boax Headwear and Skullcandy. All of these companies are behind Scottish freestyle snowsports development and it is great to have you all on board. Hopefully will be the same again next year.

Smiles form the Kids Snowboard Podium

A few more of the winners

Have a good summer and enjoy the sunshine

Fin Makes X Games!!

14 Mar

Back in January Quiksilver launched Radar: 

Star detector, talent spotter, dream creator, the Quiksilver & Roxy Radar is finally coming! Quiksilver launches the new edition of¬† an unpublished¬† event: finding the kid and the girl who will work in the steps of Mathieu Crepel or Torah Bright, both members of the Quiksilver and Roxy’s team. Quiksilver & Roxy Radar, an european event is opened for all kids and girls aged between 8 and 14 years old, will enable to the best skier and best snowboarder to sign for one year to be part of the wonderful team, win a summer camp’s week and many other goodies. Don’t let anyone take your place in history, and so join fast !

Roll round March and our very own Fin Bremner is one of the finalists for the search for the next snowboarding superstars, and they’ll be heading to the Winter X Games to compete in the Radar Final on Friday at 3pm.

AMAZING!!! – well done Fin, we are super stoked for you, big congrats also to Monty Right the UK skier who made it through.

Fin is Currently in Tignes getting some all important snow time ahead of the Final on Friday. You can send him all your high fives via facebook and we’ll hopefully get a run down of the event from Fin on his return.¬† Big thanks to all of our members / readers who voted for Fin and helped him along on his amazing journey..

You can watch the video that got him to the Final here.

Here’s a full list of¬†¬†the lucky finalists:

– Marie Chevalley, Switzerland, Ski Woman
– Amanda Gustavsson, Sweden, Ski Woman
– Thalie Larochaix, France, Snow Woman
– Hanne Eilertsen, Norway, Snow Woman
– Mathias Eckhoff, Norway, Snow
– Sacha Moretti, France, Snow Man
– Bing Voorham, Andorra, Snow Man
– Merlin Surget, France, Snow Man
– Jaime Castro Pelegrina, Spain, Snow Man
Fin Bremner, UK, Snow Man
– Tom Damiani, France, Ski Man
– Jens Johnsen, Norway, Ski Man
Monty Right, UK, Ski Man
– Nik Podrebsek, Slovenia, Ski Man
– Axel Chemarin, France, Ski Man
– Niccolo Cominelli, Italy, Ski Man
– Pavol Kuric, Slovakia, Ski Man
– Jesper Tragardh, Sweden, Ski Man

Congratulations to everyone above! And the UK selections; Fin and Monty!

But also, well done to all the kids who made it to the Happy Riding Days around Europe.  It was great to see lots of grom talent on the scene!!

Carpet Burn Cup QP Round 1

20 Feb

Last Wednesday saw the first round of the Annual Carpet Burn Cup Series, a series of events that cover all aspects of skiing and snowboarding from freestyle to race.  This year has the new addition of a Airbag round which will double up as the all important final round.  With entry to each round competitors gain points depending on the position they place, as the series continues these points rak up on the leaderboard.

Round 1 was the quarterpipe round.  It was good to see some new faces trying out their skills on the QP, everyone is encouraged to enter and there are age catagories for all.

You can see the results here on the leaderboard.

Here are some photos from the night taken by Fraz Rennie but more can be found on our facebook page.



Photo Competition

16 Aug

Aberdeen Sports Council are running a Sporty Photographic Competition as part of their 25th Anniversary Celebrations. The competition is open to juniors and adults and it costs £5 to enter up to 4 photos. All sports are eligible and it would be great to see our lovely slope up there as a winner. See the link below for more info.
ASC Photo Comp Poster
Get snapping or have a dig in your photo collection and send them off for a shot at the title.