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Fin Bremner Hits Up The Burton European Open

14 Mar

Team GB Junior camp training and Trip to the Burton European Open, February 22nd-29th LAAX

So, I applied for a place to compete in the Burton European Open last year and it was only released in late January that my place was confirmed. Stoked on this news the late planning of this trip began. The place we normally stay in LAAX was fully booked so we booked ourselves in at the casa Selva hotel.


This week was going to be super expensive but good experience for me. After telling my sponsors and riding buddies the news I was stoked to hear that one of my coaches Ben Kinnear would be able to head to LAAX for a few days, Ben’s an amazing coach and rider and has helped me a lot.


On  Friday 18th Feb my dad drove me and the to Halifax for the Junior Team GB camp, picking up the Trinders’ from Perth, which Ben was coaching- the plan was to have 2 full days of kicker training however the wind thought otherwise so we had a rail sesh followed by a rock climbing sesh which Wayne from AKA snowskate told us about. The rock climbing was sooo bad we went back the following morning! Everyone enjoyed it. On the Sunday we focused on the kicker as the wind allowed us. I managed to land my back 9 nose, wasn’t the cleanest of landings but something to work on in the future. I now have back 9 mutes on lock which I’m stoked about.

Burton European Open

When the list of entrants was released a few weeks back I was stoked to see that Kyle Mack and his wee bro Darren would be entering, they’ll no doubt be busting out some crazy tricks. With under 50 places on the junior category (15 and under) it was clear that the standard was going to be high with rippers travelling from all around the world. Looking at the big guns there was going to be fellow RIDE and Quiksilver rider Billy Morgan and Ben Kilner along with I POD and Sebastien Toutant.


The day before I bought myself a go pro hero 2 to take with me, so hoping to get together a good edit of the events hopefully catch up with the other riders heading out.


So the Packing has been done and my boards waxed and tuned (thanks DAD). We left Aberdeen on

a flight to Zurich via Amsterdam on Wednesday 22nd Feb plan was to get a few days riding before the comp. I started this blog of my trip waiting for Ben Kinnear to arrive and give us a lift up to LAAX where the fun will begin.


When we arrived in LAAX it was quite late so an early night so we could be up the mountain was on the cards. In the morning we drove upto the main part of LAAX and saw that Burton had made a real effort to make the resort look good. The theme for the Burton European Open was space and we spotted a mini attached to a rocket just beside the Freestyle Academy, and space men around the resort. After registering at the Burton European office and receiveing my bib ( I was number 402) I was also given a bag with some freebies and the pass for the private area for competitiors and coaches.

Ahhhh yeeeaaaa

We spent the first day scoping out the course for the slopestyle comp- it started with the choice of a flat rail or a down rail which  ran into four kickers and the Creative Use of space which was

confusing to say the least. There were two burns a steeple or a wall ride and then the stairset or the

other choice was to gap over a mini cooper wearing huge goggles. Although Ben wasn’t allowed to ride the course he helped me make some important decisions about the runs I would do in the Qualies. The Snow was amazing and with sunny days forecast it was going to be a good week.


Slopestyle Qualification


After a day of practise The slopestyle qualies had arrived the course was rad with a down bar that I front boardslid  and then into the kicker (at this point I should probably mention that the big kickers were forbidden to my category but if I could get the speed and was allowed to hit the big ‘uns I probably would have done backside 7 nose, into front 7 stale fish into backside 9 mute and finally cab 9 tail but i wasn’t.) So I did backside 3 into nose grab into method and finally another backside 3 which made me qualifier 6th. In the final my run was another front board into another backside 3

then a rocket air after that I did a method and finally a backside 7 nose grab that put me in first place for about 3 or 4 runs then I kept going down in the leader board as I didn’t land my better run and ended up 15th good day broooooo!



Photo of Ben Kinnear, at the top of the Slopestyle course with my result in the background.

Met up with Hamish Mknight, Ben Kilner and Aimee Fuller, who hung around to watch my runs- The European circuit will be a hard one to rule but next year I hope to finish in the top ten and for my final year in the juniors I hope to get on the podium. That evening Ben Kinnear and I headed up to

hang out with the rest of Team GB.  I have to say at this point that when and if Ben Kilner gives up pro snowboarding he can become a pro Fruit Ninja- impressive skills!

Went back to the apartment stoked and tired after a draining day, not just physically but mentally- it’s alot to take in.  When I updated my status on Faceboook I found heaps of encouraging comments, thanks for that guys!

The next day was the Halfpipe Qualies- I’ve only rode the pipe a few times and never been coached so Bens advise really helped me. The pipe looked super sick but the harsh conditions made it really difficult even for the guys who ride pipe every day. This comp was a bit of fun for me. I watched the first heat and finally it was my run- I placed 7th in my heat- missing out by 1 place to get to the finals- stoked with that! Jonathan Weaver was commentating throughout both events and gave me big props, dubbed as Scotlands finest- like a whisky!

After the Halfpipe it was time for Ben to head back to Tignes to get some ‘real work’ done! Gutted that Ben had to leave, as I really enjoy spending time lapping the park with him. I really appreciate all of Bens help to help me get to this point as well as Nicol, Barry and Chris Mahoney’s help back home.

I spent Monday to Wednesday lapping the park with my mum and filming her hit the kickers! I also had a lap with Jamie Nicholls and Sebastian Toutant- my all time favourite rider. Of an evening I went to the freestyle Academy which is a rad place with trampolines, foam pits and a skate park.

Looking back on my week at the BEO is an amazing event which I will definitely return to next year. I

feel really focused on what I want to work on when I get home and this has confirmed that my future is in Snowboarding and I will continue to work and train hard to make this happen.

Thanks for everyones support, Peace

Fin Bremner


Westbeach Final – Bearsden

6 Nov

Westbeach. Round 3. Bearsden. 5/11/11 Final Round

Some of the many Team Aberdeen members traveled to Bearsden to take part in this the Final round of the Westbeach Snowflex series 2011. Grant Donald, Andy Foote, Fin Bremner, Cameron Wood, Jan Goldbeck and Keilan Bremner all arrived with great spirit and were greeted as usual by their east and west coast brothers and sisters with hugs and smiles. It was the usual set up with the Skiers and then the Boarders all in on a Jam session to break it down to the semi-final contenders. Much to the delight of the Aberdeen kids, we had some special guests watching in the names of Andy Duthie, Ally Gray and Barry Parker with his girlfriend. The kids were well chuffed to see them and this reflected in their performances with everyone taking advice and using it well.

happy days

With all the Team ‘Deen making it to the semi’s it was going to be really tough for the judges in this one.

Next up was the rail jam and you could plainly see who had been doing their rail work and who hadn’t. Grant, Fin, Andy and Jan were working the small rail well as were some locals but in the end, Grant came out on top to take 1st prize with a neat 270on, pretzel 270off.

In the women/girls section, Anna Vincenti, Cory McVicar and Rowan Cheshire were really stepping it up. It was going to be tough in this one too! Anna 1st, Cory 2nd and Rowan 3rd.

Into the semis and the Skiers were up for it. David Bilsland and Grant Donald set the blistering pace with massive cork 9s , Rodeo 5 Screamin Seamens and 10s. Grant decided to take things to the next level by throwing down an incredible DOUBLE front flip ! The crowd went mental! David then decided to chuck in the sickest DOUBLE BACK flip! The crowd went even mentaler (is that a word ??) In the under 16s, the standard was unbelievable with Tyler J Harding, Chris McCormick and Cal Sandison making it through to the finals. Keilan Bremner narrowly missed out on the final but showed massive potential in every area of his skiing. Watch out next time people! Cameron and Jan didn’t make the final three but as I say, their potential is massive. Keep up the good work guys.

and the crowd goes even mentaler

In the Boarding semis, Fin Bremner was showing outstanding style in a very tough group, landing sweetly and grabbing a place in the final against the almost lazy style of Matt McCormick and Matt Corry. Andy Foote narrowly missed the final in what was only his 3rd comp. Andy is showing everyone he has it and will be there next time. No mistake.
Into the finals and the men’s ski. With David Bilsland picking up an injury, it was down to Grant Donald and Fraser McIssac to go and battle it out head-to-head. Two runs would decide the winner and Grant didn’t let the crowd down by taking 1st place, with a Cork 7 truck driver and a Cork 9 mute… and eventually winning all three events of the series which he was well happy with.

Grant Going for Gold

Fin had it all to do in a very tough group and did really well to finish 3rd overall. With Matt McCormick and Matt Corry taking 1st and 2nd respectively.

Fin battles it out and takes 3rd

Overall , it was a great day out for the Team Aberdeen members and their families. Roll on Lowlander at Bellahouston and……. Kids… keep up the good work

Check out more of photos from the day on facebook here and here

Radar Final Edit & Whitelines

6 Apr

Check out the groms ripping it up at the sunny Radar Final in Tignes.  Look out for Fin in the No 8 bib. 

Fin’s efforts out at the Radar Final in Tignes showed he can represent against the groms from the rest of Europe, his effort have also got the attention of Whitelines and Fin gets a big up from their online pages.  Check out the article here.

The Medals Keep Coming…

25 Mar

Our latest on the news desk from The Brits 2011 being held in Laax.
Yesterday saw the Halfpipe action take place in glorious sunshine, with Fin bagging another Silver medal for his skills.

Fin with his Silver Bling

That’s his 3rd medal in three comps which is amazing, we are super proud of you Fin.  We are also super stoked for Ben Kilner our local hero for getting Gold in the Mens Halfpipe.  Ben has been recovering from various injuries this year and it is looking like he is back on form, fending off some tough competition from Dom Harrington and Dan Wakeham to take the Gold.


Ben Kilner with a supersized backside air

Ben is a great guy who kindly popped down the slope last summer to recount the inspiring story of his snowboarding career to our young rippers, you can read about it and see more of the photos here.


Story time with Ben Kilner last summer at the slope


Fin is, understandably a huge fan and I’m sure he’s stoked that he not only got to ride the same pipe as Ben but pose with their medals together.


Ben Kilner and Fin proudly wearing their halfpipe medals.

Next up it the Protest Slopestyle happening today as I write this.  Fingers crossed for a clean sweep for Fin.


19 Mar

Radar Winners

Huge Congratulations to Aberdeen’s Fin Bremner who held his own against riders from the rest of Europe to get 2nd place in the Quiksilver Radar Final!!  With a high 5 from Jenny Jones and an interview with Whitelines we should be hearing a little more about Fin’s efforts soon but for now here’s the news from Quiksilver on the winners.  The other UK finalist Monty Right took 3rd in the male skiing too so big things for the UK scene, nice one guys. 

The Quiksilver & Roxy Radar final took place on Friday in Tignes, during the Winter X Games. The winners of this pan-european contest whose aim is to detect tomorrow’s champions are: Amanda Gustavsson – Sweden (Ski) and Hanne Eilertsen – Norway (Snowboard). They both win a one-year contract with Roxy. Jens Johnsen – Norway (Ski) and Mathias Ecklhoff – Norway (Snowboard). They both win a one-year contract with Quiksilver. Amongst others, the contest was judged by Freddy Austbo, Markku Koski and Margot Rozies, and the prizes were awarded by Mathieu Crépel on the X-Fest’s main stage.

LowSnow Riders

16 Mar

Aberdeen’s rippers Kris Bell, Lara Wood and Fin Bremner are all out in Tignes this week as part of the Low Snow Riders Project. Low Snow Riders is a progressive snowboard youth development programme aimed a shred hungry groms.  Taking rippers from the dryslope to the snow and parks of the mountains and getting them ripping there too.  Alongside head coach Ben Kinnear, guest coaches and experts will be on hand armed with top knowledge, so it will undoubtably be an awesome week!

Oakley Val Park in Tignes

Check out the blog and follow their adventures in Tignes, until then here’s an extract from day one:

Tignes Project Day 1 Edit

Groms explore Tignes, Fin’s through to Quicksilver Radar Final

The groms have dealt with early starts, no sleep, cars, busses, planes, annoying old lady, unpacking, car parking, shopping and general faffing, but by 9.30am this morning, the team were in amongst it.

The sun shone over a perfectly groomed Val Park, and the guys got a good introduction to the huge terrain that makes up Tignes, with some great pow found up high.

Loads covered today, and Fin’s progress into the Quicksilver Radar final has capped off a wicked day. The final’s this Friday, everyone’s stoked and to Fin, the news is “awesome”.

Lara Wood: “Most intense days riding I’ve ever had, amazing snow and really good weather, eel faii du soleil”

Kris Bell: “Perfect park, no marmots, lots of fun off piste bits – great to see the X Games Course”

Adam from Tignes Spirit sorted out Lara’s board this evening, which was in need of some TLC! Apparently “its not the same board, so stoked”. Nice one Adam. Kris put on a fine display of cooking tonight, movies are on now and legs are tired.

Here is a look back at yesterday’s travels, shown in an interesting edit format courtesy of Lara and Kris. Stuff from today to follow…

Check out the blog to see the edit and read the rest of the goings on out in Tignes.

Voting now Live

5 Mar

Voting is now live for the Quiksilver Radar competition, you can watch Fins video and vote by following this link.

Fin wrote us a little piece about his day so here we are:

Fins Quiksilver Radar Tale

Nicol handed me a Quiksilver Radar flyer on a Wednesday night and told me to enter and see how it goes. …. So I submitted a few photos and a very short video clip to  the Quiksilver email on the flyer.


A few weeks later I had an email asking me where I would be able to attend a happy riding day- I was through to the next round!!  All the happy riding days were in France, Italy or Spain but Quiksilver  then added a happy riding day to be held in the UK it was only a week away – I was stoked! It meant a long journey in the car down to Tamworth but I knew it would be worth it.  I had made it down to the final 9  in the UK it was a mix of boarders and skiers. The finalists list was released and I had met most of the riders who had made the cut, I knew the standard would be high.


After a tiring trip that lasted 9 hours we arrived in the early hours of Saturday morning.  The hotel was in spitting distance of the dome!


The jam session didn’t start until 10pm on Saturday, and it was torture waiting but watching the set up and having dinner with the other 8 finalists Josh Knox, Tom Knox (they were filming our edits) Hannah from Quiksilver and Christian  Stevenson (who was the MC at Freeze this year)  I knew it was going to be a rad night!


We all shredded hard until 1am getting our best tricks filmed for our edits.  I managed to bag myself a few prizes along the way. One of them for landing 3 front flips off the Tamworth kicker. I came home from Tamworth with no regrets and had a great experience.


These uploads will be judged by the public and pros, with the winner gaining an invite to the X Games European grand final in Tignes next month.

So please vote for me  at http://quiksilverlive.com/radar11/rider.140.php


Click on radar and  vote for my edit to  help me get to the finals in Tignes- the week of the X games!