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19 Mar

Radar Winners

Huge Congratulations to Aberdeen’s Fin Bremner who held his own against riders from the rest of Europe to get 2nd place in the Quiksilver Radar Final!!  With a high 5 from Jenny Jones and an interview with Whitelines we should be hearing a little more about Fin’s efforts soon but for now here’s the news from Quiksilver on the winners.  The other UK finalist Monty Right took 3rd in the male skiing too so big things for the UK scene, nice one guys. 

The Quiksilver & Roxy Radar final took place on Friday in Tignes, during the Winter X Games. The winners of this pan-european contest whose aim is to detect tomorrow’s champions are: Amanda Gustavsson – Sweden (Ski) and Hanne Eilertsen – Norway (Snowboard). They both win a one-year contract with Roxy. Jens Johnsen – Norway (Ski) and Mathias Ecklhoff – Norway (Snowboard). They both win a one-year contract with Quiksilver. Amongst others, the contest was judged by Freddy Austbo, Markku Koski and Margot Rozies, and the prizes were awarded by Mathieu Crépel on the X-Fest’s main stage.


Fin Makes X Games!!

14 Mar

Back in January Quiksilver launched Radar: 

Star detector, talent spotter, dream creator, the Quiksilver & Roxy Radar is finally coming! Quiksilver launches the new edition of  an unpublished  event: finding the kid and the girl who will work in the steps of Mathieu Crepel or Torah Bright, both members of the Quiksilver and Roxy’s team. Quiksilver & Roxy Radar, an european event is opened for all kids and girls aged between 8 and 14 years old, will enable to the best skier and best snowboarder to sign for one year to be part of the wonderful team, win a summer camp’s week and many other goodies. Don’t let anyone take your place in history, and so join fast !

Roll round March and our very own Fin Bremner is one of the finalists for the search for the next snowboarding superstars, and they’ll be heading to the Winter X Games to compete in the Radar Final on Friday at 3pm.

AMAZING!!! – well done Fin, we are super stoked for you, big congrats also to Monty Right the UK skier who made it through.

Fin is Currently in Tignes getting some all important snow time ahead of the Final on Friday. You can send him all your high fives via facebook and we’ll hopefully get a run down of the event from Fin on his return.  Big thanks to all of our members / readers who voted for Fin and helped him along on his amazing journey..

You can watch the video that got him to the Final here.

Here’s a full list of  the lucky finalists:

– Marie Chevalley, Switzerland, Ski Woman
– Amanda Gustavsson, Sweden, Ski Woman
– Thalie Larochaix, France, Snow Woman
– Hanne Eilertsen, Norway, Snow Woman
– Mathias Eckhoff, Norway, Snow
– Sacha Moretti, France, Snow Man
– Bing Voorham, Andorra, Snow Man
– Merlin Surget, France, Snow Man
– Jaime Castro Pelegrina, Spain, Snow Man
Fin Bremner, UK, Snow Man
– Tom Damiani, France, Ski Man
– Jens Johnsen, Norway, Ski Man
Monty Right, UK, Ski Man
– Nik Podrebsek, Slovenia, Ski Man
– Axel Chemarin, France, Ski Man
– Niccolo Cominelli, Italy, Ski Man
– Pavol Kuric, Slovakia, Ski Man
– Jesper Tragardh, Sweden, Ski Man

Congratulations to everyone above! And the UK selections; Fin and Monty!

But also, well done to all the kids who made it to the Happy Riding Days around Europe.  It was great to see lots of grom talent on the scene!!

Fin on STV

2 Mar

Check out Fin on Stv

Go in about 19min 50 to get to Fin being interviewed at the Slope.  It’s a great wee piece and well done to Fin for representing… nice one.