Carpet Burn Cup – Rails Comp

28 Mar

Wednesday 7th March saw the latest instalment of the Carpet Burn Cup with an awesome rails course set out by Nicol and Kris. Everyone had been looking forward to this event and the practice that had been put in in the weeks leading up to it certainly paid off with some amazing tricks being thrown down.

First up on the course was the mailbox, fast becoming a favourite here at the slope, quickly followed by the barrel and then onto the box or the trickier red rail. Everyone had two goes to put down their best line and it was great to see some of the older kids incorporating the permanent rainbow rail into their runs.

In the 11 – 15yr male snowboarders Andy Foote made his first appearance in the series putting up a good challenge to current leader Nathan Sim; these two were so close the judges called a battle for first place which resulted in Nathan just pipping Andy to the top spot. While the younger skiers shied away from the mailbox they were loving the barrel with some even getting some air over it!

It was a great night all round with all categories remaining closely contested. We are now past the half-way point in the series and it’s getting even harder to figure out who’ll be crowned the CBC Champion of 2012. Latest leader board results are available on our website.

Next event is the Bumps on April 25th so chill out and relax over the Easter holidays, maybe come along for some sneaky practice through the moguls…!


Big at Bella

19 Mar

Fin Bremner Hits Up The Burton European Open

14 Mar

Team GB Junior camp training and Trip to the Burton European Open, February 22nd-29th LAAX

So, I applied for a place to compete in the Burton European Open last year and it was only released in late January that my place was confirmed. Stoked on this news the late planning of this trip began. The place we normally stay in LAAX was fully booked so we booked ourselves in at the casa Selva hotel.


This week was going to be super expensive but good experience for me. After telling my sponsors and riding buddies the news I was stoked to hear that one of my coaches Ben Kinnear would be able to head to LAAX for a few days, Ben’s an amazing coach and rider and has helped me a lot.


On  Friday 18th Feb my dad drove me and the to Halifax for the Junior Team GB camp, picking up the Trinders’ from Perth, which Ben was coaching- the plan was to have 2 full days of kicker training however the wind thought otherwise so we had a rail sesh followed by a rock climbing sesh which Wayne from AKA snowskate told us about. The rock climbing was sooo bad we went back the following morning! Everyone enjoyed it. On the Sunday we focused on the kicker as the wind allowed us. I managed to land my back 9 nose, wasn’t the cleanest of landings but something to work on in the future. I now have back 9 mutes on lock which I’m stoked about.

Burton European Open

When the list of entrants was released a few weeks back I was stoked to see that Kyle Mack and his wee bro Darren would be entering, they’ll no doubt be busting out some crazy tricks. With under 50 places on the junior category (15 and under) it was clear that the standard was going to be high with rippers travelling from all around the world. Looking at the big guns there was going to be fellow RIDE and Quiksilver rider Billy Morgan and Ben Kilner along with I POD and Sebastien Toutant.


The day before I bought myself a go pro hero 2 to take with me, so hoping to get together a good edit of the events hopefully catch up with the other riders heading out.


So the Packing has been done and my boards waxed and tuned (thanks DAD). We left Aberdeen on

a flight to Zurich via Amsterdam on Wednesday 22nd Feb plan was to get a few days riding before the comp. I started this blog of my trip waiting for Ben Kinnear to arrive and give us a lift up to LAAX where the fun will begin.


When we arrived in LAAX it was quite late so an early night so we could be up the mountain was on the cards. In the morning we drove upto the main part of LAAX and saw that Burton had made a real effort to make the resort look good. The theme for the Burton European Open was space and we spotted a mini attached to a rocket just beside the Freestyle Academy, and space men around the resort. After registering at the Burton European office and receiveing my bib ( I was number 402) I was also given a bag with some freebies and the pass for the private area for competitiors and coaches.

Ahhhh yeeeaaaa

We spent the first day scoping out the course for the slopestyle comp- it started with the choice of a flat rail or a down rail which  ran into four kickers and the Creative Use of space which was

confusing to say the least. There were two burns a steeple or a wall ride and then the stairset or the

other choice was to gap over a mini cooper wearing huge goggles. Although Ben wasn’t allowed to ride the course he helped me make some important decisions about the runs I would do in the Qualies. The Snow was amazing and with sunny days forecast it was going to be a good week.


Slopestyle Qualification


After a day of practise The slopestyle qualies had arrived the course was rad with a down bar that I front boardslid  and then into the kicker (at this point I should probably mention that the big kickers were forbidden to my category but if I could get the speed and was allowed to hit the big ‘uns I probably would have done backside 7 nose, into front 7 stale fish into backside 9 mute and finally cab 9 tail but i wasn’t.) So I did backside 3 into nose grab into method and finally another backside 3 which made me qualifier 6th. In the final my run was another front board into another backside 3

then a rocket air after that I did a method and finally a backside 7 nose grab that put me in first place for about 3 or 4 runs then I kept going down in the leader board as I didn’t land my better run and ended up 15th good day broooooo!



Photo of Ben Kinnear, at the top of the Slopestyle course with my result in the background.

Met up with Hamish Mknight, Ben Kilner and Aimee Fuller, who hung around to watch my runs- The European circuit will be a hard one to rule but next year I hope to finish in the top ten and for my final year in the juniors I hope to get on the podium. That evening Ben Kinnear and I headed up to

hang out with the rest of Team GB.  I have to say at this point that when and if Ben Kilner gives up pro snowboarding he can become a pro Fruit Ninja- impressive skills!

Went back to the apartment stoked and tired after a draining day, not just physically but mentally- it’s alot to take in.  When I updated my status on Faceboook I found heaps of encouraging comments, thanks for that guys!

The next day was the Halfpipe Qualies- I’ve only rode the pipe a few times and never been coached so Bens advise really helped me. The pipe looked super sick but the harsh conditions made it really difficult even for the guys who ride pipe every day. This comp was a bit of fun for me. I watched the first heat and finally it was my run- I placed 7th in my heat- missing out by 1 place to get to the finals- stoked with that! Jonathan Weaver was commentating throughout both events and gave me big props, dubbed as Scotlands finest- like a whisky!

After the Halfpipe it was time for Ben to head back to Tignes to get some ‘real work’ done! Gutted that Ben had to leave, as I really enjoy spending time lapping the park with him. I really appreciate all of Bens help to help me get to this point as well as Nicol, Barry and Chris Mahoney’s help back home.

I spent Monday to Wednesday lapping the park with my mum and filming her hit the kickers! I also had a lap with Jamie Nicholls and Sebastian Toutant- my all time favourite rider. Of an evening I went to the freestyle Academy which is a rad place with trampolines, foam pits and a skate park.

Looking back on my week at the BEO is an amazing event which I will definitely return to next year. I

feel really focused on what I want to work on when I get home and this has confirmed that my future is in Snowboarding and I will continue to work and train hard to make this happen.

Thanks for everyones support, Peace

Fin Bremner

Carpet Burn Cup – Skier / Boarder X

28 Feb

The Carpet Burn Cup series continued in fine style on Wednesday 22nd February with one of the most exciting events – the skier / boarder X. Taking the format of a knockout competition, competitors race two at a time through a course set with proper snowcross gates and a couple of jumps, challenging racers and freestylers alike. Due to the large number of competitors this event was a battle for 1st and 2nd place, gaining 20 and 19 points respectively with all other competitors getting 18 points each instead of the usual 15 for taking part.

The night was set with technical difficulties, having to take place without Nicol’s usual banter as the microphone was refusing to work (batteries were checked)! Despite this Kris Bell and Neil Cameron did a good job of gathering everyone at the top of the slope and getting everyone ready for their races. Big shout out to the club coaches giving everyone tips on how to navigate the tightly set and quite technical course and an even bigger shout out to all the competitors for stepping up and taking on a challenging and slightly daunting course! There were plenty of spills, a couple of lost skis and, staying true to the series, some minor carpet burns but overall a fantastic turn out and high level of riding from everyone. Great to see the progression throughout the series so far and from last year’s competition!

First up were the snowboarders with Zarak Samdani and Fraser Jack setting a good precedent for the night with a closely contested race. With only three people in the u10 male category the competition was run as a round robin with each competitor taking on the other two. Zarak came out on top with Cameron placing second overall. At the halfway point through the series, Zarak and Cameron are neck and neck on the leaderboard with Fraser Jack trailing by a mere 3 points – these three are pushing each other on and this should be one of the closest contested categories of the series.

Emma Swanson got back on her board this week to give Abbie Dorward some competition in the Female u16 category. Emma put up a good fight at the start but took a tumble part way down allowing Abbie to cruise to victory.

It’s a fact of life that as you get older things just get tougher. This year Andrew Budge is in the 11-15yr category and despite getting a solid win in the u10 boarder cross in last year’s series, he lost out to Jordan Webster in the first race of the 11-15 male competition. Newcomer to the series Rohaan Samdani dominated the competition to take the gold – must be down to his jump start technique helping him to fly out of the starting gates and down the course every time. Ally Rogers took home the silver improving on his 4th place last year. Good work guys!

Onto the skiing where we had a lot of late entries turning up at the start gates causing some confusion for the start judges. For the rest of the series please make sure you are registered at reception so we know who is taking part and don’t have to turn anyone away!

Keilan Bremner may have had one of the fastest times down the slalom course the other week but he wasn’t quick enough to hold off Rory Cameron whose high speed and good choice of line saw him come through all the heats to take the u10 male gold. Nice work Rory! Jay Waters and Finlay Jacobs had the luck of the draw against them not making it through their initial rounds despite some very close racing. Alexander Geekie put up some good competition in a controversial race against Andrew Simpson who snuck into the u10 category. Sorry about that guys, but being slightly older didn’t prove too much of an advantage as Jimmy Muir smashed his way through beating Namen Maheswari and Andrew Simpson to place 2nd.

The girls’ u10 ski is a new category this year and it’s brilliant to see everyone coming along each week and pushing each other on – there are only 6 points between the top three so it’s all to play for over the rest of the series! Ramone Waters took one of the biggest tumbles of the night but managed to come away smiling in the end – well done Ramone, that dendix is tough stuff to fall on. Emma Swanson managed to beat Catherine Jackson in their race but lost out in the final to Kirsty Muir who took first with Emma coming in second.

In the male 11-15 group, defending champion Angus Jacobs held onto 1st place with Fynn Gentle, a newcomer to the series, battling against Andrew Haddfield and Owen Restrup to take the silver. In keeping with the rest of the night, there were some really close races and even confusion about the course which saw the final being re-run as both Angus and Fynn went round the flags the wrong way! This is another really close category with just 5 points between the four at the top of the leaderboard!

Newcomers Jessica Preslie and Rachel Brown put in their first appearances of the series to challenge Emma Cornwall and Abbie Miller in the female 11-15 category. Emma continued her winning streak from the slalom event beating Abbie in the first heat and going on to take the gold from Jessica in the final.

Some of the funniest scenes of the night were in the adult ski competition with Grant Donald and Adam Hunter charging each other down – poles, skis and elbows all over the place! Both crashed out near the bottom of the course, Adam tried to ski off with one ski, lost that and ended up crossing the line in just his boots to leave Grant plenty of time to cruise down and finish the course. After much debate a re-run was called but for the record guys, you have to cross the finish line with at least one ski on so technically the race was Grant’s… Barry Parker continued his dual discipline action taking second in both the male +16 ski and snowboard categories losing out to Grant Donald and Nicol Paton respectively.

Claire Birnie made her first appearance in this year’s series to take silver in the +16 female snowboard category. Heather Goldsworthy continued her clean sweep to take gold – can she keep it up for the rest of the series?!

Quickly switching to skis, Heather put up a good challenge to Katie Boyd, Kirsty Birnie and Catrina. These girls were matching each other down the course, elbowing each other for space over the jumps and through the flags. In the end, Katie’s experience came through and she finished first with Catrina taking silver.

Next up it’s the rail jam on March 7th, see you all there…

ASC Freestyle Camp

16 Feb

So the start of this week kicked off the first freestyle camp on snow run by Aberdeen Snowsports Club. Many events have been run on snow but not a freestyle camp in this proportion. Neil Cameron came to me a while back now and told me what he wanted to do. I thought this was a fantastic opportunity for the kids and tried my hardest to promote(big it up) to the kids that it would be a benefit to. A lot of the Wednesday Rippers have amazing skills on the drymat but now it was time to take it to snow. Now not only did we have interest from the Aberdeen lot but some of the guys I coach with GPS were keen. In the end we had about 20 kids, skiers and boarders. Great turn out for the first camp run. So 20 Kids, with me(Andy Begg) and Chris Mahony as the coaches. Oh yes! now its time to show these kids how to shred.
So Day 1, left a little later but organising all those kids is a mission. Up to Glenshee, met some guys up there. Time to shred. Went up to the park to check it out. Boarders disappeared??!?! think they went up sunnyside(was ment to be good?!) So anyway, us skiers checked out the park. Twas good, soft snow, good features and low winds, and off and on sun. Went through the park hiking features, getting used to the features on snow and going over safety. Biggest safety point was “Watch out for punters, theres wads of them”. Finish a good days riding, getting used to snow for most. Time to go home. oops we were late, to many pee stops lol.
Day 2, well lets just say it was a wee bit breezy………. 4 runs which took the whole morning(lifts kept breaking) but the glenshee staff were on top of it as best as poss. Went home and some had a slide at the drymat with me and Chris.
Day 3, we had organised the day before to sort out an alternate and I’m glad we did cause the weather was apparently poor(super windy). So we hooked the kids up with and airbag sesh, pizza and a photo shoot. There was coaching on the airbag and on the kicker/tabletop, boxes were out and there’s the quarterpipe also. You could see, even with only a day and a half on snow, most of the kids were stepping it up. Backflips, frontflips, rodeos, corked spins were all getting thrown. My favourite was the 2 youngest rippers age 7 girls, Kirsty and Ramone, hitting the kicker for the first time and landing it.
It was a shame we couldn’t get on snow for the last day but I think the kids really enjoyed their last day. Pictures will be coming from the camp, some from the mountain and from the photo shoot at the dryslope.

I think the camp was a huge success even with the rubbish weather but hey that’s Scottish skiing 😀 I think it’ll be bigger and better next year and i hope to be a part of it again.

Andy Begg
Freestyle Ski Coach

Carpet Burn Cup – Slalom

14 Feb

Wednesday 8th February saw the second round of the Carpet Burn Cup; we had a great turn out of competitors and onlookers braving the cold conditions to compete and watch the slalom round of the series.
With a tight course and fast slope it was set to be a cold but highly entertaining night with some hungry competitors all trying their best to get the fastest time in their age and discipline category.
Jay Waters kick started the competition with the first run of the evening for the under 10 male skiers and did well to get a fast time of 15.50 seconds. Unfortunately that was not enough to claim a podium finish as Alexander Geekie slipped into 3rd place with a rapid time of 13.10 seconds whilst Tommy Cockburn took second with a respective time of 12.20. Keilan Bremner had the final say with a fantastic time of 11.60!!! This was the second fasted time of the whole competition! Well done Keilan.
Next up was the female Under 10 ski, again the competition was tight with all girls finishing within seconds of one another, clearly showing that whatever training they have been getting has been paying off. Ramone Waters took 3rd, Emma Swanson 2nd and Kirsty Muir took 1st.
The 11-15 male ski saw a huge turnout with 13 competitors! With Angus Jacobs out injured, first place was up for grabs. Andrew Hadfield took 3rd with Rory Brown in 2nd and Adam Hall took 1st with the fastest time of the whole competition 11.40 seconds!! Well done Adam.
In the 11 to 15 female category new comer Beth Skinner took 3rd, Abbie Miller was second and Gordon’s ski racer Emma Cornwell took 1st with an impressive time of 12.30 seconds.
Onto the snowboarders, in the under 10 category there were only three competitors, however all three are very strong snowboarders for their age. Zarek Samdani was 2 seconds behind to take 3rd place with Fraser Jack pulling off an impressive time of 16.90 that gave him 2nd. However it was Cameron Smith who had the final say with a fantastic time of 16.20, this is Cameron’s first ever Carpet Burn Cup and he is proving to be a very strong competitor – his rivals will have to work hard to overtake him on the leader board.
Under 16 female boarders only had Abby Doward also a newcomer to the competition, Abby still done her best and pulled off a respectable time of 21.60! Well done Abby!
Finally for the juniors we had the male 11-15 male snowboarders, there were a lot of nerves in amongst this lot, most of them being good friends who have been training with one another for up to 2 years so you can imagine that none of them wanted to be beaten! This showed through with some fantastic times and spills too; luckily no one was hurt. Jordan Webster pulled off a fantastic second run after falling on his first scoring a time of 14.90 and Nathan Sim took himself away from the kicker for long enough to get a good time of 14.60! However it was Rowan Cameron who blew the whole crew off the Dendix and showed that practise makes perfect with a whopping score of 14.40! Can you believe how close first and second were: .10 of a second! Well done to all of you boys.
Onto the Adults and the Aberdeen Snowsports Centre staff were out in force! All eager to beat their fellow employees after most of them practising weeks before the competition to gain a podium finish.
Katie Boyd did well to get 3rd in the Female over 16 snowboard Category, Avril Pringle took 2nd and Heather Goldsworthy finished 1st with a slick time of 17.49.
In the male over 16 category competition was hot, with some well experienced instructors taking part in the slalom. Barry Parker fresh back from France took 3rd with a time of 13.71, Nicol Paton was trying to get to grips with his new board but never the less scored an impressive time of 13.47 however it was die hard Euan Linn who took 1st with a speedy 13.40! Well done Euan.
In the seniors ski Eloise Croy Took 3rd with a time of 15.05, Heather Goldsworthy tried her luck on her skis and got an impressive time of 15.01 However Katie Boyd came back from 3rd on her snowboard to 1st on her skis with an impressive 12.25! Awesome Katie!
Finally in the male over 16 ski there were some new comers to the skis, Nicol Paton, Barry Parker and Euan Linn all decided to give the slalom a go for a bit of a laugh. This provided some great entertainment for the fellow competitors and judges; however none of them came up with a particularly impressive score, other than Barry who beat his time on his snowboard with a time of 13.30! Craig Donald took 1st with an impressive 12.06, he must have waxed his skis  in second with 12.56 was Adam Hunter and Grant Donald took 3rd with 12.66.
Well done to all competitors! We look forward to seeing you on the next event (Boarder cross and ski cross) on the 22nd of February.
Remember and come train the week before…

Carpet Burn Cup – Big Air

6 Feb

A wild and windy night marked the start of 2012’s Carpet Burn Cup series.  Now in its fourth year, the ever popular series (sponsored by Cotswolds for the second year running) pushes riders out of their comfort zones by getting them to tackle Garthdee’s various slope features in a series of competitions. It was also fantastic to see a great support from parents and other onlookers which added to the electric atmosphere.

The Big Air comp got things off to a great start last night with 30 competitors braving the howling wind to throw down their best tricks over the table top or kicker. Judge Kris Bell took the conditions into consideration letting Owen Restrup have a re-run after being blown slightly off course! Undeterred by the wind, Scott Wood and Rowan Cameron stepped up and landed some nice 3’s earning them Coaches’ Choice most improved skier and boarder respectively.

The 11-15yr Snowboard Male category saw a showdown between newcomer to the series, Rohaan Samdani and Nathan Sim, last year’s second place winner, with both scoring the same points in their two runs. Nathan’s experience gave him the edge to take first place but Rohaan may be a serious challenger to the top of the leaderboard this year.

There was another close contest between the U10 Female Skiers with first place being determined by just 0.25 of a mark. Watch out for Kirsty Muir, Emma Swanson and Ramone Waters as they progress through the series – it’s going to be a close one!

Everyone adapted well to the challenging conditions and while some favourite tricks may not have been thrown down everyone showed their skills in being able to adapt their game plan to the conditions on the night.

Full results from the Big Air can be seen online here Photos will be posted shortly.

Remember, everyone gets at least 15 points for competing so the more events you enter, the higher up the leaderboard you’ll get. See you on February 8th for some high speed slalom action (skin tight lycra optional)!